On-demand Webinars FAQ

Make sure you're using a computer with high speed internet. Closing out of the program and reentering, or trying to open the player in another browser, also might solve technical issues. Please note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for best results. If the problem persists, please call us at 737-201-2059

Yes, you may begin and/or reenter a program as many times as you'd like. Just hit "Save and Exit" in any of our programs to return to the spot you left off at a later time and we will automatically send you an email confirming that. To reenter, login and go to "My Virtual Courses".

If materials are available for download, they will appear in an "Other Resources" tab in your player. You will be able to click on the materials provided to download or print them. If a PDF provided will not open, please make sure you have installed Adobe Reader (free download available at http://get.adobe.com/reader/).

You must click through every page of every handout provided and also watch the full video(s). Once all of this is complete, click on the "Complete" tab at the top of your player. You may be prompted to complete an evaluation or take an exam. If you still do not see your certificate, you may call us at 737-201-2059.

The Credit section of the Registration page lists what states receive which type of credit and how much. You may check on the status of credit as it applies to you by clicking on your particular state (if applicable) for more information.

Attendance/credit certificates can be downloaded and printed directly from the player immediately after completion of a program. Please refer to the bottom section of your completion certificate for more specific instructions on obtaining credit or contact us at Arizona Health Care Association for additional credit information.

Try to login and then register for your program. If you don't know your login information, you can request it be emailed to you on the login screen. If you're still getting the incorrect price after logging in, please call 737-201-2059.

Yes (although credit cards are the preferred method of payment to allow instant access to programs). Make the check payable to SeminarWeb and complete this form for each participant. The completed forms and check can be sent to:

SeminarWeb ATTN: Arizona Health Care Association
P O Box# 46156
Houston, TX 77210

Once processed, we will assign the user a login ID and password and we will send this information and connections instructions via email.